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Hsia Calendar for Palm PDA                                USD 77
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HSIA-Cal is a unique and specialised calendrical software for Palm Powered® PDA and smartphones. It is a "3-in-1" Calendaring software - Hsia Calendar (万年历, 夏历), Chinese Lunar Calendar (曆年), and Xuan Kong Da Gua Calendar (玄空大卦). It compute the various charts, including the Four Pillars of Destiny (also known in Chinese as 八字 "BaZi"), and display them in a user-friendly way.

HSIA-Cal is developed specially for experts, professionals and enthusiast who are into Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Da Gua, and Chinese Metaphysics. It is the ideal and handy HSIA Calendar software to assist anyone in their regular analysis, anytime... anywhere - without the need to refer to the traditional calendrical books.

  • Real-time, on-screen HSIA CALENDAR supporting Year ranging from 1901 - 2030
  • Chinese Lunar Calendar
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Calendar
    • Monthly XKDG charts
    • Daily XKDG Charts with option to change the time/hour range
    • unique MINUTES pillar with XKDG hexagram, for refined, macro analysis
  • Dynamic display for dates of common Chinese festivals
  • Minutes pillar chart for a more accurate timing analysis
  • Gua (MingGua) reference for Male/Female
  • Year Flying Star and Month Flying Star


  • Presiding Gods (Grand Duke or Tai Sui)
  • Directions and Type of Conflicts
  • 24 Solar Terms
  • 24 Mountains with onscreen direction/degrees
  • Binomial (Na Yin) Elements
  • Flying Stars table
  • Heavenly Stems / Earthly Branches
  • ... and much more!

    Palm Powered™ PDA and smartphones

  • Palm OS® - Version 5.0 and higher
  • Hi-Res (320x320) resolution of higher.
  • 16-bit colour
  • 970Kb of free RAM space on PDA handheld memory

    Operating System (for transferring of software via HotSync)

  • Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP/XP-SP2
  • Apple® Mac OS®
  • Compatible CD-ROM drive

    PALM, INC.

  • Zire: 72, 72s
  • Tungsten: E (requires MathLib to be installed to your PDA)
  • Tungsten: T3, T5, TX, E2, LifeDrive
  • Treo: 650, 680, 700p, 755p

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