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Chinese Almanac for Palm PDA                           USD 34
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The traditional Chinese Almanac, or Tong Sheng 通勝 (also known as Tong Shu), has long been consulted by many Chinese families on a regular basis for date selection (择日) to determine the favourable, auspicious and lucky days for performing important and major activities.

Carrying a traditional Chinese Almanac (通勝) around may not be convenient for some people, while others may feel overwhelmed with the profound information in the Chinese Almanac. Then again, to many people, the Chinese texts may be a little too difficult to apprehend especially for the English-speaking users.

  It is our pleasure to provide an electronic version (via PDA) of the Chinese Almanac 2008 that you can carry around and check on the information instantly, anytime… anywhere - to help you in your date selection (择日) for favourable and auspicious days and times for activities and events such as weddings, relocation, travelling, business openings, and signing contracts.  


  • Gregorian and Lunar Calendars (Years 2006-2008)
  • Bazi chart
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua chart
  • Year, Month, Day and Hourly Flying Star
  • Good, Average & Bad Hours
  • Suitable, Moderate and Unsuitable events
  • Clash and Auspicious Ages/Zodiacs
  • 12 Duty Rulers / 28 Constellations
  • Directions for
    • God of Happiness
    • God of Wealth
    • God of Nobility
    • Living Door, Open Door, Death Door
  • Yearly Tai Sui (Grand Duke) direction
  • Breakers
    • Year, Month, Day
    • Big Consumers
    • 4 Separators, 4 Exhaustions
  • Date and time of Jie Qi (Solar Term) for current month


  • Over 18 events/tasks, including
    • Grand Opening
    • Marriage & Engagement
    • Moving, Relocation
    • Construction
    • Business Deal, Signing Contract
  • Dynamically display over 18 different views, including
    • Breakers, Big Consumers, Separators and Exhaustions
    • Heavenly Stems & earthly Branches
    • “San Niang” Shar
    • Xuan Kong Da Gua hexgrams and numbers
    • Master Yang's Avoidance Day



  • Tai Sui (Grand Duke) chart
  • 24 Solar Terms (Jie Qi) with real-time with date/time
  • Chinese Festivals
  • Baby Gender Predictor
  • Zodiac Compatibility
  • GUA Number chart

    Palm Powered™ PDA and smartphones

  • Palm OS® - Version 5.0 and higher
  • Hi-Res (320x320) resolution of higher.
  • 16-bit colour
  • 960Kb of free RAM space on PDA handheld memory

    Operating System (for transferring of software via HotSync)

  • Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP/XP-SP2
  • Apple® Mac OS®
  • Compatible CD-ROM drive

    PALM, INC.

  • Zire: 72, 72s
  • Tungsten: E (requires MathLib to be installed to your PDA)
  • Tungsten: T3, T5, TX, E2, LifeDrive
  • Treo: 650, 680, 700p, 755p

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